Teacher Training 03.24.16

Hello Teachers!

Welcome to our first online training course. Please use the links below for today’s lesson.

Resources for teachers:

Dave’s ESL Cafe: http://eslcafe.com/

Breaking News English: http://breakingnewsenglish.com/

TEDxESL: http://tedxesl.com/


Resources for students:

Lyrics Training: http://lyricstraining.com/

Online Tests and Quizzes:


Online Games:

Pirate Games





Upcoming MOOCs

For Teachers
Coursera: http://www.coursera.org

Teach English Now! (three parts), ASU

FutureLearn: http://www.futurelearn.com

Professional Practices for English Language Teaching, British Council

For Learners
edX: http://www.edx.org
IELTS Academic Test Preparation, University of Queensland
English for Journalists: Key Concepts, UC Berkeley
English for Journalists: Free Speech and Media Trends, US Berkeley College Writing 2x (three parts), UC Berkeley

03/24/15: B1.1

Good morning!

This morning we will be studying reflexive pronouns, and how to form sentences with them.

1) Brush up on the rules of reflexive pronouns

2) By yourself or in pairs, take the following quizzes to test your knowledge of how they are used:




3) By yourself or in pairs, watch Mr. Bean Takes The Train. Takes notes on what happens. When you are done watching, write a summary of what happened using as many reflexive pronouns as possible.

4) Now do the same thing with Mr. Bean- Alseep in Church

5) If time, practice one last time with Charlie Chapman- The Lion’s Cage