Hello Teachers!


Today we will be observing some lesson plans from other teachers, planning our own blended learning lessons, and having a short lesson on the news and media (through TED Talks- another blended learning platform).


  • What kind of news do you think will remain important and be remembered in the future? For how long?
  • What kind of news does the mainstream media in your country focus on? Do you think this needs to change?
  • How do you think consumers affect mainstream news and media?

When instructed, watch the video found in the link below:

2. https://tedxesl.com/2014/03/16/alisa-miller-and-kirk-citron-does-the-way-we-think-about-news-and-media-need-to-change/

3.  When finished answer the comprehension questions that go along with the video:

  1. What types of news stories does Citron think will matter “in the long run?”
  2. Which news agencies does he mention in his statistics and examples?
  3. How many different areas of news does he mention? What are they?
  4. What is his pick for the news story of the year? Why do you think he considers it important?

4. Match the idiom to its definition


1. To be “drowning” in news. A. To continue to expand the borders of what is possible.
2. To matter “in the long run.” B. To quickly become unimportant and forgotten.
3. To “fall by the wayside.” C. To have so much news available that we can’t possibly process all of it.
4. To “push back the limits.” D. To be important for an extremely long time, or forever.


5. Watch the second video on the page: Alisa Miller’s TED talk

Comprehension Checking

1. According to Miller, what is one reason why world news coverage has declined?

2. What is the most common source that people turn to for their news in the United States?

3. What are the two main problems with news on the web that Miller talks about?

4. Does Miller think that people know less about the world simply because they are not interested?

5. Do more formally educated people generally know more?


Vocabulary- match the word to it’s definition

1. Foreign bureau     A. Two commonly utilized, independent news gathering organizations.

2. Coverage                B. For things to be connected to each other.

3. Associated Press & Reuters

C. A generic term for a news office operating somewhere outside its native country.

4. Interconnected          D: The total treatment of a particular issue, or of an area of news.

E. The sum of all news stories.


If there is time, work with a partner to go over the remaining idiom phrases and discussion questions.




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