02/24/15: B1.1

Good morning, and welcome to ipad class!

This morning we will be reviewing the second conditional tense. Please begin by completing the following quizzes:

1) http://www.learnenglishfeelgood.com/grammar-secondconditional2.html

2) http://www.learnenglish-online.com/grammar/tests/2ndconditional.html

3) With a partner, you are then to research various ways that people have spent lottery rewards when they have won, and discuss whether or not you would have spent money in the same way.


Now, with a partner, create a plan with what you would do with 30 million euros. Come to agreements on how and where you would spend it, and research prices for each expense to ensure that you don’t go over. Report your plans to class when prompted by the teacher. Be sure to use the second conditional when reporting!


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