02/19/15: B2.2

Hello There!

Today you will be making final preparations for your presentations tomorrow. In order to do this, you can take these additional career assessment tests and see how the results compare to your previous results:



Once you have completed these tests, consider these factors, and these are the primary areas that these tests are looking at:

  • Personal and Professional Values
  • Personal Strengths and Skills
  • Style of Professional Working Environments Desired
  • The Activities, Disciplines, and Practices that Most Interest You
  • Your Desire to Work with Others, Empathize, Teach and/or Persuade

Once you have done this additional assessment, research the ideal job for you on the sites below:




Once you have identified the ideal career/job for you, prepare a brief presentation about it for the class.

Summary and presentation and writing assignment:


In groups of 2-4, create a career assessment and present on your chosen questions and why you feel they would be good indicators for an ideal career. Each group member must also present on a summary of the results of their own assessment, and present what the most ideal career appears to be for him/her.


Write 120-150 words on what career you believe to be the best for you. Base your reasoning on the results of your assessment, other career assessments you have taken, and your perceived strengths and interests.


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