01/20/2015: A2.3-3

Good Morning!

Today we will be learning about illnesses/problems, along with their causes, symptoms and prescriptions. With a partner, please:

1) Research the following illness/problems, and make a list of their causes and prescriptions:

allergies           chicken pox            ear infection            food poisoning             hay fever      heartburn               insomnia            nausea                rash                     stress

While you can use the internet in its entirety for your research, a useful link for this can be found here.

2) When your research is complete, read through this website on the present perfect continuous. If you would like, you can also watch this video.

*Remember: When using the present perfect continuous, we use for when talking about a time frame:

  • I’ve been learning Spanish for 20 years and I still don’t know very much.
  • I’ve been waiting for him for 30 minutes and he still hasn’t arrived.
  • He’s been telling me about it for days. I wish he would stop.

We use since when talking about a specific point in time:

I’ve been tired since this morning/      I’ve been sick since last week/

I have worked here since 1996

3) When you feel you understand the difference between using for and since in the present perfect continuous, check your understanding by taking this quiz.


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