01/08/15: A2.3



In this activity, students create the interview themselves. Divide students into groups. Tell the groups that they must do the following:

  1. Decide on a famous person (living or dead) who they would like to interview.
  2. Nominate ONE person in that group to be the famous person.
  3. Once groups have nominated their famous people ask those people to come up to the front and form a new group.
  4. Explain that the famous people are all on a panel to be interviewed by the class, who are journalists.
  5. Give the journalists some time to think of questions. During this time the famous people can talk about what they are going to say.
  6. When the journalists are ready, begin moderating the interview by asking for questions.
  7. Once all the famous people have answered the questions send them back to their original seats.
  8. Now ask everybody to write a report with at least two things they remember from the interview. They should include examples of reported speech in their report. Ask students to compare their reports in pairs.
  9. Circulate and help. At the end, ask different pairs to read out their reports.

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