01/05/2015: C1.3

Welcome to C1.3 2015!

Please go to the following link and wait for further instructions:


1. Complete task#1 (without watching video)

2. Watch video #1 “Mr. Bean in Hospital” and check your answers. Add vocabulary from task one to add to the story.

3. Switch partners and share stories that you have created.

4. Return to original partner, skip task 2 and watch video “Mr. Bean Goes to the Swimming Pool

5. Watch until 2:35 and take turns making one sentence about what happened in that section until there is nothing more that any of you can add. Make sure you use the right tense if you fill in details about things that happened before or things that happened at the same time. Then predict what happens next, discussing how things were actually different next time the video is stopped. Incorporate vocabulary from website. 

6. Swap partners again and share news stories.

7. Watch “Do It Yourself Mr. Bean” and create your own script using narrative tenses.

8.Choose a film, book or fairytale that you and your partner(s) know well, and work together to tell the story (using the right tenses when filling in details your partner forgot to mention)


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